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I’m fully aware that for the last couple of months, the posts on this blog have been rather boring review- and wrapup-heavy. I hope I’ll be able to change that soon(ish): Now that our move is over and (mostly) done with, I have more time and headspace to think about other content and to hopefully get into a more creative (and regular) writing habit again.

One thing that I hope will help me to achieve that goal is to participate in in Cathy’s (746 Books) 20 Books of Summer challenge. I know I’m cutting it close by stating my intent on what is technically the first day of the challenge, but I suppose that’s fine. It’s also fine, as per the rules, that I’ve only picked ten books I definitely want to read instead of the full twenty. Previous years – this will be my third year participating – have taught me that it is very unlikely that I will actually finish and review twenty books. I think I got to ten or twelve last year, which is still plenty, and since I’m a mood reader I also never exactly stuck to my pre-set list, anyway. I’m also still considering a couple of other reading challenges for the next couple of months – Marina (Nordbreze) hosts the DickeBücher-Camp (Large Books Camp) in July and August, and there is another round of the Magical Readathon coming up – so I decided to preempt frustration and start out with a shorter list. That way, I have some wiggle room to mood-read, finish books I started earlier in the year, and adapt my picks to whatever the other readathons require.

So, here are the ten books I definitely want to get to between today and September 1st:

  1. Adalbert Stifter – Der Nachsommer
  2. Virginia Woolf – Jacob’s Room
  3. Andrew Miller – Now We Shall Be Entirely Free
  4. Carsten Jensen – We, the Drowned
  5. Janet Frame – Faces in the Water
  6. Erin Morgenstern – The Starless Sea
  7. Donna Tartt – The Goldfinch
  8. James Joyce – Dubliners
  9. Herman Melville – Pierre
  10. Mithu Sanyal – Identitti

Subject to change, as usual. You know me – mood reading all the way.

(If you see books on this list that have featured before, either on previous 20 Books lists or for other readathons – no, you didn’t. 😉 )