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Garden Gate with Berries I have a confession to make. “Another one?”, you might ask. Well, yes, you better get used to it. This blog will be as much about my writing, my projects and the things I like as it will be about self-exploration, thoughts and ruthlessly putting truths about myself on paper (or, well, the internet). Especially those truths that I have known about for ages, but hardly ever admit to in public.

One of these is that I suffer from Shiny Objects Syndrome. I love new things, new ideas, new projects. The trouble is, I hardly ever see them through to the end. I am excited to start, but I hardly ever finish because I usually lose interest along the way. This is why the only writing projects I have ever brought to some form of close were a number of short stories. This is also why I have a huge pile of sewing projects, unfinished notebooks, half-finished letters, and half-finished books. And that is not counting the millions of paper scraps and postits where I noted down ideas, inspirations and things to look into. So you see, even more dead bodies in the cellar. Only now I have finally found a name for what is causing them.

Apparently, this kind of behaviour is rather common with my personality type, INFP. The emotional outlook I have on life lets me get easily excited about just so many things, and makes me feel about them strongly. Unfortunately, liking anything and everything also costs a lot of energy, and I think that’s why so many things get dropped and forgotten about, especially if some new and equally shiny project comes along.

As for the right method to dealing with SOS, I am still trying to figure that out. I do, however, have an inkling that publicly pledging to do something and tracking my progress helps with holding myself accountable. So, expect more of that here in the future.


One other way in which I plan to hold myself accountable is a new blogging project I’m about to start with some (online) friends: Minimalistenfreun.de We will write (in German) about our experiences with and our road towards minimalism. There will also be personal essays, posts on minimalist fashion, useful websites, sustainable living, book reviews, personal challenges and a number of other things. If you care about the topic at all and have sufficient German to follow us, please do!