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I know that my last post is already a couple of weeks old (almost a month, as I just realised), but I have not been idle. I have been thinking a lot about my writing habits and other projects, and I feel I have finally formed a proper idea of what I want to do with my life.
As a result of these ponderings, I have come up with a number of new year’s resolutions (I call them “Golden Goals for 2014”) that I want to see through this year. Amongst these are “Write more” and “Finish those unfinished projects (or let them go)”.

I have also come to the following realisations about myself:

I am a person of many interests.

I’m interested in nearly everything (to a varying degree), and I love to start new hobbies, projects, writing experiments. I get excited easily, and I invest a lot of energy and emotions in things which I deem important. Unfortunately I very seldom have the energy to see things through to the end.

I love various media.

One thing I like about the internet and blogging in general is that I can combine various media like videos, music, quotes and pictures to form a view of the world that is more holistic than pure text ever can be. That is one of the reasons why Tumblr, Livejournal and blogs in general appeal to me so much. I have tried emulating this effect in my paper journal, but since printing out stuff is such a hassle (and pasting music is next to impossible), I can’t be bothered. That’s why I need more than one platform to collect my thoughts. However, there is also a drawback:

I tend to spread my thoughts and reflections over too many different places.

This makes me “(…) feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.“, as Bilbo so eloquently put it.1. I have this tenendcy to register new blogs and other random accounts of all sorts to try out new platforms, and then I just lose interest after a while. I never get round to deleting those accounts, though. That’s how I ended up with all those dead bodies in my cellar.

These dead bodies are mostly unfinished writing projects, website accounts, and blogs that I started and lost interest in. There are some which are severely ill like my LiveJournal (although I occasionally use it as a late-night let-out for overflowing emotions), some which are close to taking their last breath (my twitter) and some which have been coma patients for several years (like this blog in German). A lot of other accounts are just dead, and many have been for a while. These are the ones that I need to weed through in the near future, and finally lay to rest. Other projects, however, have only died quite recently because I finally managed to admit to myself that it was no use keeping them alive any longer. One such project was a blog I started in late 2012 where I wanted to chronicle my journey towards minimalism (it was called The Romantic Minimalist). I lost interest in this blog shortly after I moved into a new flat a year ago, the reasons being my exams and not seeing the need to declutter so much any more. Today, I finally deleted the blog. Because really, who wants to look at pictures of things that I chucked in the bin? This was a first for me, and though it felt strange and very final, it also was kind of liberating.
There were two posts on there that I liked, though, and I will repost them here in the following days. They mostly contain thoughts on decluttering (both physical and mental), and are still relevant to me today.

1. JRR Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring