If I say I’m not really here nor there, it’s not meant metaphorically.
I am currently in the in-between state between fantasy and reality, between action and thought, and between novels and travels.
I have been in this state ever since I returned from Scotland late on Wednesday, and am sure that this is entirely this trip’s fault.
I feel that, for the moment, songs can explain the state of mind I’m in much better than my words can.


I promise a write-up soon, and more news also.

Let us go, lassie, go
Tae the braes o’ Balquhidder
Whar the blueberries grow
‘Mang the bonnie Hielan’ heather
Whar the deer and the rae
Lichtly bounding thegither
Sport the lang summer day
On the braes o’ Balquhidder

~ Robert Tannahill

PS: Seems like you can’t avoid Bonnie Prince Charlie and Robert Burns on a trip to Scotland, even if you try. Which I didn’t, of course. 😀